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Buying a Surfboard Shaping Machine

What is Important when considering the purchase of a surfboard shaping machine? Most of us look at affordability as what is possible for us. If a system is too costly it could make life very hard. An over built complicated machine comes with complicated, costly maintenance issues. On the other side if you get a great deal on a machine that breaks down or has constant issues that you have to deal with, that also makes life hard.
What comes off the machine determines how your customers view your products. The finish that the machine provides is what the customer/finish shaper has to work with. Everyone I have ever talked to including the pro surfers that ride the boards want the shaped blanks off the machines to be as close to finished as possible so they will not be changed when finished & glassed. Having the best shaped blank finish off the machine is direct value for your business & your customers.
Separating the Truth from Fiction? There are lots of claims being made regarding surfboard shaping machines.  A thoughtful informed choice when making a long term purchase is always a good idea. Personally comparing the machine design, construction and finished blanks is a good start. What is included regarding training, and after purchase service & support? What experience do the people involved in the system have regarding designing surfboards, scanning surfboards, shaping surfboards, running surfboard shaping services, and designing & building surfboard shaping systems?
At the end of the day holding the best shaped blank in town says it all…
John Yow / 3DM Surfboard Shaping Systems
Photo: Blank shaped on the 3DM System CI Board  1000 edit b
at Channel Islands Surfboards