Lawton Hall-
The Surf Boardroom Florida

Hello John. I was seeing how everything has been going. Are you in Hawaii surfing? Wanted to thank you for help making my dream come true. I have wanted to have a shaping machine since the age of 21. Finally was able to buy one and now that I own a 3DM; I am really stoked. The precision that it cuts is ridiculous. All the different things that you can do with a blank is amazing. I would of never thought that it would do the details that it can do. I like that there is very little to finish after it comes off the machine. I am overall really stoked that I was able to meet you and your team.
Thank you for your help, Lawton

Robert Braun-
Blue Shed Shaping- 
First 3DM System
I looked into shaping machines for a couple years. After seeing different machines abilities and performance, I decided that a 3DM was the system for me. The machine itself is superb in quality and design. The all steel frame and aluminum construction are by far the best I’ve ever seen. The spindle motor and cutting head assembly are built rock solid. Dust collection is another feature that sold me on the 3DM. John’s attentions to detail when building the machine are unmatched.The training and instruction I received on the machine were simple and easy to follow.  All the way from software, blank setup, to cutting my first board. John makes sure you feel comfortable from start to finish.The very first board to come of the machine was near perfect.  The overall finish and rail definition put on every board I have cut since are amazing, I can’t believe the results. My decision to purchase a 3DM system from John comes with no regrets.  I would highly recommend anyone that is serious about buying a machine to look into a 3DM.  See for yourself, the choice is obvious.
Robert Braun,
Telephone: (509) 851 5117

Robert Braun-
Blue Shed Shaping
– Second 3DM System
Blue Shed Shaping designs and shapes precision water craft from conception to reality, with the use of the world’s best shaping machine…3DM! After years of hand shaping we purchased our first 3DM Machine System in 2009 for the Kite & Wind surf industries.  Since the world wide explosion of
SUP’s, the time had come to invest in an additional 3DM System in 2011.  John designed and engineered a machine that not only meets but surpasses the demands of this global phenomenon.  Blue Shed Shaping is proud to say that with the use of a 3DM System, we offer shaping services of up to 22 ft,having the largest machine in the Pacific Northwest.
3DM! …Engineering the best for the best!
Robert Braun

Pat Ryan-
ET Surfboards, Hermosa Beach, CA

I have had my 3DM for ten years now. What a Godsend! The thing is so reliable and accurate. The new clamp-less rigging system is so easy and effective. I have always gotten great customer support and couldn't be happier.Well basically I see it like this, "Would you fly in a hand carved jet"! And of course the obvious reality is that computer designed shapes give you cleaner more accurate lines than ever before. The 3D Motion System machine has proven very durable and extremely reliable. After almost 3 yrs of use and about 6000 boards later it is still flawless. The design software although involves a short learning curve is easy to master and surfboard design is only a mouse click away and whatever your mind can think up , this machine is quite capable of cutting. No more wasted time and blanks on this machine, just pure productivity.
Pat Ryan: Shaper, Just Longboards, ET surfboards / 310. 376.8847

Ian Wright-
Aftermath Surfboards, Gardena California

The  3DM System is the most advanced user friendly surfboard shaping system available to date. Combined with Shape-3d cad design software this machine delivers unmatched precision and ease in all aspects of use! Always moving forward in design technology, "this is one amazing machine" and I'm stoked to be a customer.
Ian Wright, Owner Aftermath Surfboards.
Juan Jimmenez-
Boa Surfboards Panama

The purchase of my 3DM Shaping Machine System has been by far the best business move of my career.I had decided that during the purchase of a machine, I was going to make a very well informed decision.After researching machines for several months, I came across every type of machine available on the market, everything from cheap back yard builders to expensive over built machines.
Mark Nelson-
Nelson Factory, Maui, Hawaii

The Nelson Factory is located on the North Shore of Maui, and is one of the few customs facilities still operating due to our attention to detail. We have been building high end custom boards for the last fifteen years, serving many of the top pros in windsurfing, and clients looking for something special that they were unable to find elsewhere.We've installed the 3DM Surfboard Shaping System,the biggest and most accurate CNC milling machine made for boards in the world. Its operating capacity allows us to mill boards up to 16' long, and 36" wide. In addition to our own line, we're helping other top shapers mill customs designs and building master plugs for companies seeking quality products they can rely on.
Mark Nelson
CEO Nelson Factory

Michael Ward-
American Surf Industries, Costa Mesa California
At ASI we have had our 3DM Machine for many years and it is a solid work horse. The Software that comes with it is easy to use and extremely flexible. The frame and supports are sturdy and well made. If you're a custom board builder you have found your machine. With fitting blanks you can cut up to 4 boards per hour. I can also cut SUP's with my machine. For the money you can't buy a better machine!
Michael Ward

Barry Vandermullen-
Barry V Surfboards, HB California

I have been using my 3DM Machine many years now, and I am still as pleased with my investment now as I was when I first purchased it. My machine does not discriminate between foams-it cuts them all equally! I have also been cutting EPS –Extruded Poly styrene foam without more than a few minor adjustments.
John Yow has been unbelievably helpful and patient during my initial learning process. He consistently updates me on new developments in the scanning process and software capabilities. He has an incredible quick response time when I call him for any questions.If you are interested in investing in a 3DM machine, but have any questions, I will be glad to answer those questions or show you my machine, so that you can see how smoothly it runs and how user friendly it is.
Barry Vandermullen
(714) 969-4304

George Gall-
Plus One Surfboards, San Diego, CA

I own a modified twin cutter 3DM.  It is a true industrial machine, not a toy.  Having worked with many robotics people in the aerospace industry gave me insight as to what to look for in a machine.  When it came time to purchase a machine I found John's machine to meet or exceed all expectation.  Thanks again John."
George Gall