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Robert Braun-
Blue Shed Shaping
– Second 3DM System
Blue Shed Shaping designs and shapes precision water craft from conception to reality, with the use of the world’s best shaping machine…3DM! After years of hand shaping we purchased our first 3DM Machine System in 2009 for the Kite & Wind surf industries.  Since the world wide explosion of
SUP’s, the time had come to invest in an additional 3DM System in 2011.  John designed and engineered a machine that not only meets but surpasses the demands of this global phenomenon.  Blue Shed Shaping is proud to say that with the use of a 3DM System, we offer shaping services of up to 22 ft,having the largest machine in the Pacific Northwest.
3DM! …Engineering the best for the best!
Robert Braun

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· Industries Best Finish in the Shortest Time

· Standard shapes a 36″ X 144″ Board

– Custom Sizes Available

· Scaling Controller with on Screen Graphics

· 2HP Dust Collection System

· Complete Set of Base Models

. 3DM Shape 3D CNC Software

· Written Step by Step Guides for the Software, Machine & System Maintenance

· Video Training for Software, Cutting Process & System Maintenance

· Precision Installation & Calibration

· Extensive Personalized Training  at your location

· Minimal Maintenance & Easily Replaceable Parts

· On-Going  Customer Support


· Personalized Training in Maui Hawaii
· Custom  Machine & Support System Sizes
· Dust Collection Options
· Custom HD Spindles
· Digital Scanning


Construction– 3DM now constructs all systems from start to finish. This provides a seamless connection between the customer & 3DM, (no middleman). All systems are designed & built to an extremely high standard.  3DM provides a complete surfboard shaping machine system. We understand exactly what  shapers need, perfect boards every time. The 3DM team are surfers & shapers that understand exactly what it takes to create the best shape possible.

Experience– The people involved with 3DM are also surfers & shapers. We know the industry & all aspects of design through actually riding the boards that come off the machine. What this means to the customer is we can answer all your questions. This knowledge provides customers with an advantage unmatched in the industry. 3DM has 18 years of actual Surfboard Shaping Machine design & building experience. 3DM is always moving forward with cutting edge software, scanning & machine design features

Easy to Learn & Use– These are solid but simple to use systems that get the job done.  Machine operations can be learned in minutes. We include complete video, illustrated step by step guides & personal training for software, cutting process, & system maintenance. The systems have been perfected over the last 18 years.

More Bang  for your Buck– Feature for feature, part for part 3DM delivers by far the best value.

Solid Machine– We use only the best parts, not off the shelf grinders & routers. 3DM has many single & dual cutter machines being used worldwide for large scale industrial production.

Solid Board Support System– super fast, easy to use & provides ultra solid uniform support for the entire board. The support system is one of the key features needed to make great shapes. The current 3DM support systems make it possible to create a well balanced shape with perfectly symmetrical rails every time.

Professional Controller with Size Scaling– Perfect Size Scaling at the Controller allows instant size changes without making new models. Our controllers are used worldwide, are simple to use & are very dependable.

Absolutely the Best Software– Feature rich State of the Art Computer Aided Design (CAD) and Computer Aided Machining. (CAM)  3DM Shape 3D Software allows the customer complete in house control of design & tool path definition. The CNC Scan version includes: Automatic Scanning Input & Translation. 3DM Shape 3D Software has the features you need. We provide step by step written, video & personal instruction making the software very easy to use.

Scanning Versatility– Manually Measure or Digital Scanning Probe on the Machine, it’s your choice. Digital scanning offers a faster more accurate option for scanning.

Fastest Industry Cutting Time Relative to Finish– Production Cutting Time 4 boards an hour with Excellent Definition. These boards can be finish sanded in 5 minutes.

The Most File Translations Available– We provide a cutting format that allows worldwide sharing of cutting files. Surfers & Shapers can cut their proven shapes on 3DM Machines Worldwide. 3DM provides the most file translations available making it possible to translate & cut other file formats.

Cut Any Shape or Material– Multiple Wings, Multiple Stringers, Parabolic Stringers, Epoxy Based Foams, Styrofoam, Solid Balsa & Solid Wood boards.  Stringers & rails are cut perfectly.

Easily Print Full Scale Rocker Templates– for blank manufactures & production use.

Plug & Play– Our systems are one cable hook up for the entire system including the dust collector & vacuum pump.

Size Efficient Systems– The machines are designed to best use your shop space.

Efficient Dust Collection System– keeps dust to a minimum.

Customer Service– We continue to work with you to support your success long after your purchase. On going telephone & e-mail support are provided for the machine system & software.