*Customer: Why is your system the best?

3DM:  We offer the best built machine, better parts, better design, that is very fast & easy to use.   We use a welded steel frame to avoid  the movement related to the expansion & contraction that aluminum frames experience. Each machine is custom built by surfing industry professionals for the customer. We know all aspects of surfboard design, scanning & machine building.


3DM  offers by far the best finish in the shortest amount of time…

We include complete training for surfboard designing, scanning & machine process from our expert shaper as part of the package .

We include complete installation as part of the system package.

* Customer: Can we Import Blanks from Blank Manufactures and Automatically Fit our Models for Cutting?

3DM:  Yes, our software will import cad files from any of the blank manufactures & auto fit the model in the blank. A perfect tool path is then created  from the matched model & blank.  Don’t be fooled by others, our software surpasses all others in features & ease of use.

* Customer: What should I look for in a surfboard shaping system?

3DM : The first thing is a well constructed system. Don’t get stuck with a backyard contraption sold on the idea that it is new & unique. All 3DM systems are designed & built to far exceed the standards of other systems.  The result are systems that will  provide many years of service & have the best surface finish relative to cut time.

* Customer: Why should I choose the 3DM Surfboard Shaping Machine?

3DM: Part for part we use higher quality Heavier Duty Components. We we use Heavy Duty Spindle Motors not smaller routers & grinders that will stop under load. We provide a Better Finish in the same amount of time.  Our Precision Support System provides a very fast, solid & even support for the entire board. Our software includes needed features that others do not have & is very easy to learn. We provide a complete dust collection system.  Extensive one on one training including video, step by step written with illustrations &  one on one personal training are standard. We have 18 years of designing & building surfboard shaping systems including surfboard design & scanning experience. We are always available to help.

*Customer: How long does it take to cut a board?

3DM : Production Cutting Time 4 boards an hour with Excellent Definition. These boards can be finish sanded in 5 minutes. Compare 3DM set-up & cutting times with any other & you will find them to be much faster per finish. Completely adjustable surface finish- 3DM provides adjustable surface finish on both the rail & the main surfaces. Board surface can be adjusted to very near finished.

*Customer: Why do you use the type Cutter you use & why do you use Spindle Motors?

3DM: Router motors & Grinders can completely stop when cutting foam or wood stringers. Spindles have far more power & are an extremely well built industrial tool.  Because Spindle Motors are more powerful they are simply far superior for cutting surfboards & allow faster cutting without stalling under load. We use our own custom design low drag cutters that are specially designed to minimize friction. This allows us to have a superior finish with a faster cutting time.

*Customer: Why is your support system the best?

3DM: 3DM support systems are precision & well built.

Our support system is super fast, easy to use & provides solid, uniform support for the entire board.

Blanks can be ready to cut in seconds.

*Customer: Is your design software & machine hard to learn?

3DM :  Both the software & machine operations are easy to learn. We provide step by step written, video & personal instruction making the software & machine learning curves very short. It is important to have a software that is full featured & user friendly. We can teach you to use the machine in minutes.

*Customer: Why do you provide a dust collection  system?

3DM: Our Dust Collection System gets most of the dust into bags so the customer has far less foam dust to breath & less mess to deal with.  Basically we don’t want our clients to constantly sweep up a room full of foam dust. Our dust collection system automatically switches on when the cutting starts as  opposed to the broom in the hand method.


* Customer: What is the best way to scan a board?

3DM : The Manual Measurement method is a low cost solution that can be done in a reasonable amount of time.  Our machine mounted Digital Probe Scanning is faster & more accurate. It takes around an hour to scan a board on the machine with the digital scanning probe.  The customer can choose which method is best for them.

*Customer: Why is On The Fly Speed Adjustment important?

3DM: On The Fly Speed Adjustment allows the customer to slow down or speed up the machine while actually cutting. This is important for cutting parabolic & multiple stringer variations.

* Customer: How do you address size changes and do models scale accurately?

3DM : We provide distortion free scaling in the design software & at the controller- 3DM scaling makes possible accurate surfboard scaling without distortion from cutting files with-in the controller. Scaling at the controller means no need for taking time to create & load new files saving time & money.
*Customer: Why are rocker printouts important?

3DM : Full scale rocker printouts are used for checking board rockers & submitting rockers to blank manufactures.

* Customer: What does your training include?

3DM : We provide as part of the package complete video, written step by step guides with illustrations & personal training for scanning, software, cutting process, machine set-up & system maintenance.

* Customer:  What Customer Service should I expect?

3DM : We continue to work with you to support your success long after your purchase- 3DM provides un-matched e-mail & telephone support.

3DM provides value thru our many years of surfboard design, surfboard machine design & building, surfboard scanning & software development with some the most respected leaders in the surfboard industry. Quality, service, knowledge & commitment to our customers are key benefits. 3DM is constantly moving the industry forward with the latest innovations in software, machine design & scanning.

Let 3DM provide you with a truly solid easy to use system