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We are all effected by the current ecconomy. My challenge has been to create a very affordable top quality shaping system without lowering the quality of the system and maintain excellent results every time. I can’t bring myself to offer less that great results on every board that comes off the machines.

Current 3DM systems stand out in the fact that every board coming off the machine has beautiful rails and great finish consistently.

Robot X is the new innovative 3DM Shaping Machine design. The new design does not sacrifice the machine quality or the consistancy of quality of cut boards. I have incorporated all the time tested conponents into the new design so nothing is lost. Our special cutters and ability to change to various cutter lengths means we can cut all of the contours of todays large SUP’s. The great news is that the cost has gone down quite a bit.

At the end of the day holding the best shaped blank in town says it all…

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John Yow / 3DM Surfboard Shaping Systems

Buying a Surfboard Shaping Machine

What is Important when considering the purchase of a surfboard shaping machine? Most of us look at affordability as what is possible for us. If a system is too costly it could make life very hard. An over built complicated machine comes with complicated, costly maintenance issues. On the other side if you get a great deal on a machine that breaks down or has constant issues that you have to deal with, that also makes life hard.
What comes off the machine determines how your customers view your products. The finish that the machine provides is what the customer/finish shaper has to work with. Everyone I have ever talked to including the pro surfers that ride the boards want the shaped blanks off the machines to be as close to finished as possible so they will not be changed when finished & glassed. Having the best shaped blank finish off the machine is direct value for your business & your customers.
Separating the Truth from Fiction? There are lots of claims being made regarding surfboard shaping machines.  A thoughtful informed choice when making a long term purchase is always a good idea. Personally comparing the machine design, construction and finished blanks is a good start. What is included regarding training, and after purchase service & support? What experience do the people involved in the system have regarding designing surfboards, scanning surfboards, shaping surfboards, running surfboard shaping services, and designing & building surfboard shaping systems?
At the end of the day holding the best shaped blank in town says it all…
John Yow / 3DM Surfboard Shaping Systems
Photo: Blank shaped on the 3DM System CI Board  1000 edit b
at Channel Islands Surfboards

3DM Surfboard Shaping Systems are simple, well built & reliable. We have systems around the world that have cut thousands of boards and have been trouble free for over 20 years. It is unnecessary to use complicated equipment to produce a great finish. Our boards are extremely complete with great rails every time. Our machine design uses fewer parts and only three servo drives. Our controller is time tested trouble free and includes the 3DM developed scanning system that is simply the best available. When considering a shaping system for surfboards, kiteboards, sailboard or SUP’s we believe that our track record speaks for itself. www.surfboardshapingmachine.com

The True Cost of a Surfboard Shaping Machine

There are many surfboard shaping machines being offered today. Our systems are the fastest and most accurate available. Our industry knowledge is unsurpassed. Most claim that they can do what 3DM can.  In fact, it is impossible to create a fast, repeatable, dependable production system, without providing several key components. Without even one of these key components accuracy, repeatability and dependability will be sacrificed. We are glad to go toe to toe with any other system as a direct comparison.

3DM currently has many systems and options to choose from. Send us an email with exactly what you are looking for and we will be glad to send you a quote. Our systems for 2013 are very competitively priced and provide the best available value.

If you are looking for a Complete System that is well built, easy to use, fast, reliable, & will cut great rails consistently even with size changes, this is it.

What’s the 3DM difference?

3DM Added Value
All systems include:  Heavy Duty Welded Steel Frame  /  Full Feature Support System  /  Complete 2 HP Dust Collection System  /  Heavy Duty 1.5 HP Vacuum Pump  /  Shape 3D Version X /  Final Installation and Training at the customers facility.  We provide friendly comprehensive on-going support with all our products.

“Welded Steel Frames”
Welded steel frames provide the best base for machines. We tried using aluminum frames in the past. It is a fact that aluminum has more movement due to temperature changes than steel. Aluminum frames constantly change shape affecting the alignment of the support system. Aluminum frame’s movement will cause constant alignment issues that will reflect on the rails of the boards being cut. Our Heavy Duty Welded steel frames are extremely solid and are far superior to aluminum frames.

“The 3DM Support System”
The 3DM support system allows us to use a large cutter at high speeds creating a better finish in less time. We have developed a simple Heavy Duty Support System that is Precise, Fast and Easy to Use. For fast and accurate cutting a full support system is necessary. Experience has proven that it is best to support the entire board with a solid, fast set-up support system. Our alignment method is much more accurate than a laser and as fast as any out there. You can expect perfect rails every time from 3DM.

“Industrial Spindle Motors”
We prefer to offer customers Professional Grade HSD Industrial Spindle Motors that allow maximum cutting speed. Router motors are a limitation on cutting speed and will stall if driven very fast. One solution is to use a smaller cutter and go slower. The problem still remains that a router motor is subject to stalling and this could tear the whole board off the support system. Using router motors for cutting limits the cutter size, limits speed of cutting, creates potential stalling issues and maintenance is also necessary. We have several customers that upgraded to spindles after using router motors. Router motor brushes will need to be replaced from time to time. Using router motors is fine as long as you aware of the downside and are willing to be very cautious when cutting to avoid disaster. For small shops on a very limited budget using router motors for cutting is a consideration.  We don’t use grinding motors with wheels because we prefer to be able to change cutters when necessary.

“3DM Cutting Bits”
Our special cutting bits have been specially designed to match the shapes of a surfboard therefore give a better finish than standard shaped off-the-shelf cutting bits. The 3DM cutting bit provides the best finish in the best time because of its unique shape. For today’s SUP production, having the ability to change cutters for tight contouring and pocketing makes the most sense. 3DM can also create custom cutting bits for your specific projects.

We use Shape 3D/3DM Version X that is simply the most advanced feature-rich CAD/CAM shaping software available. 3DM has been involved with the development of Shape 3D for many years adding many key features. 3DM provides the best software for shaping Surfboards & Stand Up Paddle boards. Complete training is provided by our professional designer/shaper who understands the software inside and out. Our knowledge and training is critical to the success of our customers.

“Dust System”
The 3DM dust system puts most of the dust directly into the dust collector bag, not into your face. If you have ever cut a board without a good dust control system you know that there will be a lot of dust everywhere. Breathing foam dust is never a good idea. Customers can also choose from a variety of dust collection options.

“Scanning System”
The 3DM  surfboard scanning system integrates seamlessly into Shape 3D software. Our scanning system is very easy to learn & use.

“Design & Construction”
Every machine system is designed, constructed and tested by 3DM. In the past we have used two different manufactures to build the basic machines. I was always disappointed with the results. They usually put their” 3 best guys” on the job and I would end up with many problems that I needed to solved at the customers location. Sometimes customers needed to wait while their new machine was fixed. For the last few years I have personally designed and built the 3DM Systems. Each machine is tested by actually cutting boards at the factory in Gardena, California before it is allowed to leave the factory.

“Training, Service and Support”
Every 3DM System comes with final installation, complete training & support.
One of the biggest benefits of 3DM is that we completely understand the machine, board design and the cutting process. We provide support for the complete system. We get you cutting excellent boards right from the start. Our comprehensive knowledge provides answers to any questions that you might have and in the future. We are prompt to address any service or support issues you may encounter. We can easily be reached by phone, Skype and internet.

3DM specializes in custom SUP SHAPING SYSTEMS. We tailor systems for your company’s specific goals. We have developed systems for major Stand Up Paddle Board manufactures worldwide.

Knowing the up and down side of all aspects of all components, is important to consider when purchasing a system. Purchasing a cheaper machine doesn’t mean that you will have saved money when you consider the machine downtime and the customers you will lose due to poor product. Choose wisely when making an investment in a system. Today’s 3DM Systems will provide you with true value consistently making great boards with great equipment.

3DM has more than twenty years experience designing, innovating and building “Surfboard Shaping Machines”  into a complete package. We provide you with honest answers and great equipment.

3DM now has more than 27 systems around the world in production. We have made systems for companies like JC Hawaii, Boa Surfboards- Panama, Maneuverline- Japan, Chonix Surfboards-Spain, Headside-China, South Coast Foam-Australia, and Channel Islands Surfboards. Although we have many systems worldwide we base our success on the quality of what the systems produce and more importantly, customer satisfaction. We are known for making absolutely the best system that produces the best results time after time. Having a proven well-built machine that has repeatable accuracy is money in the bank for a shaper. You can count on our proven quality and our promise to stand behind our product.

3DM, Simply the best…

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